Computer Course Center merupakan tempat kursus komputer di Denpasar - Bali yang sudah dinilai kinerjanya, terakreditasi oleh BAN PNF serta memiliki legalitas lembaga dibawah naungan Dinas Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Kodya Denpasar. Tempat kursus ini merupakan satu-satunya lembaga kursus komputer di Bali yang menerapkan metode pendidikan kreatif untuk menciptakan entreprenuer inovatif. Materi kursus dijelaskan dengan 20% konsep dan 80% praktik, dimana peserta didik diperbolehkan membawa materi latihan sendiri dari rumah untuk diselesaikan di tempat kursus.
We are excited that you are interested in the world of cosmetology. You will forget that you’re attending school because our cosmetology program is filled with exciting and interesting tools, techniques, and ideas. We want our students to get the proper education to succeed in school as well as go above and beyond to have the best future career.  We are passionate about the cosmetology industry and our facility; including our students, staff, and guests. Come grow with us and jump start your career today!
Shoplifting is viewed as a behavioral problem. It presents many problems to retailers and business owners nationwide. Some people shoplift to support their families, other do so to support addictive behaviors, unforeseen circumstances and socio-economic situations that are unavoidable etc…
Head injury or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can be defined as any injury occurring to the brain due to trauma or a blow. The most common causes include road accidents, falls and violence.

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